Breast Pathology

Breast Pathology can help in knowing the stage of a cancer and the grading of cancer that is a measurement of the extent of the tumor and its spread.Breast infections can be classified either with disorders of the integument, or disarranges of the regenerative framework. A greater part of breast sicknesses are noncancerous which can be confirmed with pathology report. A breast neoplasm might be favourable, as in fibro adenoma, or it might be harmful, in which case it is named breast carcinoma after pathological testing of biopsy. In either case it shows a lump in the breast which could be painful in few. Around 7% of breast bumps are fibro adenomas and 10% are breast malignancy, the rest being conditions of no disease.A tumor mass can be non-cancerous and can be due to something like swelling or inflammation


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  • Track 24-3Benign and malignant Breast Cancer
  • Track 24-4Staging and grading of Breast Cancer
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