Thoracic Pathology

The Thoracic Pathology specializes in evaluation of tissue obtained from the thorax for evaluation of neoplastic (e.g. cancer and other tumors) conditions as well as specific non-neoplastic conditions (infections, inflammatory disease and fibroid (scarring) diseases of the Thorax). Thoracic Pathology includes analysis of prognostic features relative to tumor immunotherapy (PD-L1 expression levels). Tumors in Thorax are reviewed by expert pulmonary pathologists and the results are presented with attendance by oncology, radiation oncology, radiology and thoracic surgery. This Pathology report assures that specific aspects of the patient’s condition are appreciated by the different sectors for optimizing care

  • Track 13-1Thoracic Cancer
  • Track 13-2Pathology of Thorax
  • Track 13-3Thoracic aortic aneurysm pathology
  • Track 13-4Thoracic pathological fracture
  • Track 13-5Tumor immunotherapy

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