Pulmonary Pathology

Pulmonary Pathology mainly involves in the analysis of biopsy specimens of the lung and pleura. Pathologists specialize the diagnosis of, malignant mesothelioma of the pleura or peritoneum and its variance from other malignancies in these sites. Focusing on non-cancerous disease, both pulmonary gross review and histopathological analysis provide experience in both the common and unusual lung diseases. Pulmonary Pathology includes pulmonary infections, pulmonary hypertension and new onset/diagnosis of interstitial diseases.  A Pathological approach is used to accurately characterize the patient’s diagnosis, with close assistance with rheumatology, radiology and surgery. This approach is essential to assure a confirmation for accurate non-neoplastic lung disease pathological diagnosis. Pulmonary pathology is the concepts and insights of the pathological process that is underlying the disease condition.


  • Track 16-1Intervention of pathology in airway and pulmonary diseases
  • Track 16-2Pathology of Pulmonary Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
  • Track 16-3Molecular Basis of Pulmonary Disease
  • Track 16-4Pulmonary Vasculitis
  • Track 16-5Classification of Spinal Deformity

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